The one that I want (The non-negotiables)

Thinker, doer
Confident, secure
Yet humble
and sure
in GOD’s
clear calling
Eternal destiny
Unwavering path
Standing strong
on the
Rock of
heavenly identity
All in
for Jesus
More love
for Him
than me
or kids

Servant’s heart
Loves, respects
just as I am,
My son
My daughter
just as they are

Decent respectable
Committed loyalty
Fearless honesty
tempered with
kindness, grace
Emotional IQ
Personal responsibility
beyond reproach

Fiscal responsibility
Debt-free, resourceful
Budget discipline
Stable worker
Perseverant initiative
Determined follow-through
Godly ambition
Content, grateful
in His
faithful provision

Persistent pursuit
Pray together
Pure heart
Pure mind
Patient, kind
Integrity, strength
of character
Supportive, trustworthy

Smiles, laughs
Welcomes, waits
Inner zazzle
Outer wow!

Giver, defender
creator, encourager
dreamer, doer.


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