Holding On After the Storm

If anyone is actually reading this, under no circumstances should you hit the like button or comment. Then I might actually know that someone is reading and caring about anything I say here. (LOL!)

On a more serious note: Sorry to anyone who IS reading for the long lapse. Between moving and trying to get settled, a paid writing project with a tight deadline (which I made just under the wire!) and school starting again, things have been kind of hectic around here. But I told my ebook client that I wouldn’t be available for another project until AFTER my son’s birthday this week so I can get some things done around here and get some much-needed rest and a mental health break! So maybe, just maybe I might get some more just for me writing in. The kind where I get to say whatever I want to say about things I actually know and care about instead of cramming in enough writing to make up three term papers on sometimes a very technical subject I really don’t know much about in the space of 10-12 days. But I AM grateful to be able to earn money with my writing AND we are almost settled. It’s down to finishing touches now so starting to feel like home.

GOD has mucho blessed us in bringing us to this point at long last. I am grateful for everyone who has pitched in and helped out during our long transition time and praying for those who froze when faced with real needs and did nothing. I want to have no bitterness or unforgiveness or awkwardness in relationships because of who did what or what they might maybe, woulda coulda shoulda done. Maybe they didn’t out of fear or stinginess but maybe it just wasn’t what GOD was calling and asking them to do at the moment. It’s not my place to be the judge and decide who obeyed GOD and who did not. Where there has been true fear of involvement or lack of compassion, GOD will sort it out and open eyes and hearts that need to be opened.

All that is past now and I want to move forward into the new future, continuing to pursue a new normal for the kids and I beyond the emotional and physical storm of the last several years and especially the last 21 months! God has been enough through it all! I trust with all confidence that He will continue to be enough, no matter what trials are yet to come. I am very happy and grateful for all He has brought us to; but at the same time, I feel like I am still finding my land legs after a long and stormy bout in very turbulent waters. Please pray that I would keep my eyes and heart on Him who calms the storm and brings restoration and healing. Pray that I would not succumb to fear and old habits of familiarity but stand strong and stay the course that the LORD is charting for us out of the danger zone and into a place of security and blessing on all sides. The new place is an excellent milestone….but we are not yet home free. Pray that He would remain first in our hearts and guide us the rest of the way.

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my path and a Light unto my feet.


Tamara Christine

Be strong and courageous for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

I am not ashamed for I know in Whom I have believed and am convinced that He is able to guard that which I have entrusted to Him until that day. 2 Timothy 1:12


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