Fair Warning

FAIR WARNING: If you are not ready to have your biases, prejudices and assumptions challenged, get out now and go find something less provoking to read. While it is not my intention to offend, I find that speaking the Truth with confidence tends to ruffle feathers, even when seasoned with grace. Some people tend to confuse confidence and competence with pride, arrogance, an unteachable heart and a complete lack of common sense when I will not just lay down and buy into their ideas of “the perfect solution if only you would do it my way.” So if you are easily offended and tightly attached to your preconceived notions, this is probably not the best place for you.

On the other hand, if you are open to considering that you may be mistaken or misguided, even if you have always meant well and have the right attitude and heart before God in what it means to step outside your comfort zone and practically “love your neighbor” in ways that meet their ACTUAL NEEDS, instead of offering a skin deep panacea that does nothing for long term solutions….if you are willing to concede that cultural stereotypes and assumptions have crept even into the church at large and twisted the personal touch that Jesus offered to hurting people into something almost as impersonal and dehumanizing as a government office — which is a misapplication of the lifestyle of LOVE to which Jesus called His followers….Well, come on in and be part of the solution!


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