I KNOW Who GOD Says I Am: Daughter of the One True King!

Run Away Worry–I Know the Truth that the God of Angel Armies is my Friend and He is for me:

My husband is my Maker whose Name is the LORD of Hosts; and my Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel who is called God of all the earth. He has called me by name and He loves me, will never leave nor forsake me. He will redeem me and restore that which I have lost and bring all my shame, humiliation and disgrace to oblivion. It shall have no power over me any longer nor shall any stench of it remain as He makes all things new. My hope is in Him and my vindication is from Him and I trust only in Him for rescue.  He is able and no other can deliver me nor snatch me from His hand. I will submit to what He allows and refuse to bow my knee to any lesser no matter the threat. DWELL ON THIS TRUTH O MY SOUL AND WITH IT DEVOUR ANY WORRY OR DOUBT THAT TRIES TO MOVE IN!  No squatters allowed–only God’s perfect Truth!

(Isaiah 54; Daniel 3:17,18,27)
Tamara Christine
Be strong and courageous for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9
I am NOT ashamed for I KNOW in Whom I have believed and am convinced that He is able to guard that which I have entrusted to Him until that day. 2 Timothy 1:12

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